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Local Advocates Preserving and Protecting the Onaqui Wild Horses of Utah


ed Birds Trust 501(c)(3) is a grass roots organization based in Tooele, Utah founded by local wild horse advocates who have immersed themselves in the daily lives of the Onaqui here in Utah's west desert.  

It is our goal to help these wild horses live their best lives both on the range and after adoption.  Because all board positions are filled by volunteers donating their time and energy to the cause it then allows for 100% of all donations received to go to the betterment of our wild and adopted Onaqui horses.

A direct link to the BLM's 2021 informational page on the Onaqui Roundup which includes number of horses removed can be found on the BLM website at: https://www.blm.gov/programs/whb/utah/2021-onaqui-wild-horse

Mission Statement

Onaqui HMA Clean-ups

The Onaqui HMA is located 40 miles southwest of Tooele and covers an impressive 206,252 acres of public and state lands accessed by the historic Pony Express Byway. There are two main bands of the Onaqui horses, one in the northern section of the range and one in the southern. When traversing the range on foot it is all too common to come across old barbed wire, downed posts and fence lines, litter and other human waste that can be very dangerous to the horses.

Red Birds Trust is excited to form a cohesive public private partnership with the local BLM field office along with the help of local community volunteers. We will organize range clean-up efforts and make this area safer for our wild horses and allow them room to run freely without threat of being entangled or injured by range debris. By maintaining a volunteer database it will make clean-up efforts more seamless and we are excited to have a team formed who are willing and able to offer some of their valuable time for the betterment of the horses.

Onaqui horses and HMA

Onaqui Education

This organization is very passionate about providing accurate information, educational resources and access to current events to the public as they relate to the Onaqui horses and HMA. We look forward to garnering support for these special horses through the use of various social media and web-based platforms.

The Onaqui Catalogue Foundation is another local nonprofit organization who provides excellent resources to the community including a range catalogue to help ID horses and family bands, science-based research and behavioral information and tips. 

We also look forward to offering an online platform for Onaqui horse adopters to unite and share their stories, photos, progress reports, ask questions, and gain support amongst each other for the care and forever home they will be providing to their new family member.

Care of Adopted Onaqui Wild Horses

Rescue & Care of Adopted Onaqui Wild Horses

All 303 Onaqui horses put up for adoption at the Delta Utah facility in December 2021 were adopted into private homes, TIP training facilities and/or sanctuaries.  We are forever grateful for everyone who came through to make this happen by opening their hearts and homes, offering donations and advocating for the best placements for individual horses.

Caring for a horse is a huge commitment on many levels. One that takes time, patience, perseverance and love.  Donations received will be allocated for providing safe transporation for pregnant mares & Onaqui horses saved from kill pens, training resources, medical care and other unforseen emergency situations for adopted Onaqui horses including Onaqui adopted by members of this organization.

Red Birds Trust wants to offer a community based approach for care and resources for these special horses and be able to allocate donations to those in need of assistance with their Onaqui due to unforseen circumstances or financial hardship. By building a community who can help each other through the difficult times and celebrate the good we can only hope that it will also help keep them in their forever homes rather than ending up in kill pens.

A direct link to the BLM's 2021 informational page on the Onaqui Roundup which includes number of horses removed, application for adoption, and adoption requirements can be found at: https://www.blm.gov/programs/whb/utah/2021-onaqui-wild-horse

Please join us on our FaceBook page for a 6 month long project where photographers and rescues come together to share stories of the Onaqui that now call these sanctuaries home.  Each month a new sanctuary will be featured with stories and images of their mission, vision, background, current needs are combined with images of our Onaqui as they live now and details of how you can continue to help them.

Onaqui horses

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