Red Birds Story

This organization is named after a small Onaqui colt known as Red Bird who was born in late August of 2020. 

Red Birds band consists of 11 other members and his gorgeous band stallion is well known to many worldwide as Goliath. With age Goliath has gone from grey to nearly white but still retained his unique dark grey stripe on the left front side of his face.  Red Bird was the last foal to be born to this band in 2020 and therefore the smallest.  He was quite lucky to have 2 other colts and a little filly also born into the family a month earlier to learn from and play with. 

As a baby his coat was so dark it was almost black with a nearly imperceptible star on his tiny forehead.  He had no markings on his feet, but showed off patches of flashy chestnut colored hair inside his ears, his flanks and in a little line that circled his nose perfectly. 

Red Birds’ dam is a sweet tempered grey mare that is as pretty as she is patient.  He is a total momma’s boy never far from her side and is  often seen running to her for comfort. 

Between his red highlights and his shy nature he gained the name Red Bird as he approached the world with careful consideration. When the world got to be too much he would then waste no time in flying back to mom like a little bird.

Red Bird Resting with his mom OQ344gM in January of 2021 

On January 13, 2021 five month old Red Bird was found in one of the remote snow covered valleys of the West Desert.  His band was enjoying time with several other members of the south Onaqui herd playfully skirmishing, eating snow and dried grass and resting just below a small embankment that blocked the howling wind.  He was completely sacked out dead to the world and his mom came and peacefully laid beside him (see image above). 

Images captured of this sweet moment later showed what could have easily gone unnoticed as a slight bit of swelling in his left lower lip.

By February 22, 2021 the swelling had become much more noticeable but the cute little fella was still in great physical condition - eating, nursing and playing with thehis other little 2020 foal friends.  The assumption at this time was that he possibly got kicked while playing, had a baby tooth that was impacted, or that he had some inflammation from a piece of cheat grass that had become stuck in his lip.


Red Bird in April of 2021

Fast forward to March 2, 2021 and the Utah BLM held a public meeting to announce that beginning on July 12th of 2021 400 of the 475 Onaqui would be rounded up via helicopter and removed from the range.  The shock, outcry and heart break ran deep.  Members of the wild horse community began to come together in droves to try every means possible to Save the Onaqui before it was too late.

Around this same time Jen Rogers made the commitment to adopt little Red Bird to save him from potential euthanasia due to his injury and a BLM adoption application was approved. It seemed cruel to only take one horse so plans were made to also adopt other members of his band as well if the 2021 roundup could not be stopped.

Once the plunge was taken to personally adopt Onaqui from the upcoming roundup, plans began to quickly take shape to form Red Birds Trust with the intention to bring a dedicated group of like-minded people together for the betterment of the Onaqui horses for many years to come.  This turned into a monumental project involving coordination of adoption of the 300+ horses in the Delta BLM holding facility, finding sponsors to support sanctuaries and follow the lives of adopted horses, conducting regular range cleanups and acting as a support for both private adopters and sanctuaries providing homes to Onaqui horses over the years.

On September 13, 2021 Red Birds life was cut short as he was euthanized by the BLM before he could be adopted from the facility.

Many tears have been shed and more of his story can be read by clicking here.....

Red Bird striking a pose in April of 2021 under overcast skies

About Red Birds Onaqui Family



Goliath, a gorgeous grey stallion and father to the equally lovely Maverick and Avalanche, seen here on the left spars with a rival band stallion to protect his families safety and boundaries within the herd.

Goliath's Boy

As his name implies, this 4 year old stallion is also a son to Goliath in addition to being his best friend.  They are rarely seen more than a few feet apart and seem to take great assurance in eachothers companionship.

Dream Catcher

This precious little colt is the newest 2021 addition to Red Birds family born the end of March to beautiful mother "Marley".  She is more the type to let her baby learn for himself rather than hover over him and so he is constantly surrounded by the yearlings of the group who dote on him, play with him and watch over him as he sleeps.


Morning Glory - Half Moon's Dam

This beautiful mare carries a freeze brand of BZ on her left hip and another freeze brand on the left side of her neck indicating the use of contraception on her in years past.  She is more subdued that the rest of the band and is calm yet always watchful.

Red Birds Dam - Misty

Red Birds mom is about as sweet and patient as they come. Her gentle and trusting disposition has definitely rubbed off on her little colt Red Bird as he is also just a love.  She gets along well with all the other members of the band and prefers to stay near Goliath enjoying his company and that of his son.

Half Moon

This 2020 colt is the son of a gorgeous buckskin mare Morning Glory.  He's a bit on the shy side compared to the other youngsters in the family but is starting to gain confidence by playing with Red Bird and looking after Dream Catcher. 


Marley - Dream Catcher's Dam

Marley is mom to 2021 colt Dream Catcher and believes in taking a more hands off approach to parenting while flirting with roan stallion OQ366brs (see below).  In the meantime her laissez faire attitude has given her kids lots of confidence in exploring, playing and making new friends.

Ella - Tetons Dam

This beauty is fairly camera shy and prefers the company of Morning Glory and Misty to that of the stallions.  She was a doting mother to little Teton but allowed him plenty of freedom to explore and test his boundaries with his two best friends Little Star and Red Bird.

Little Star

This lovely 2020 filly is a bit of a socialite and enjoys spending her time both with her family and saying hello to other yearlings in friendly bands such as Avalache's band and Silver Star's band.



This beautiful horse is one of two roan stallions and the apple of Marley's eye.  He is the more easy going of the two and tends to hang back and watch as the band's other roan stallion OQ353brs vehemently defends the honor of the bands ladies. 


This handsome boy is both beautiful and fierce.  He is usually seen spending his time rounding up the youngsters if they try to wander astray and chasing off interlopers who may be trying to flirt with his girls.


Teton is another 2020 colt and best friend of Red Bird.  He's a subtly confident little man and enjoys fun sparring sessions with other colts from nearby bands.  He also enjoys watching over Dream Catcher and teaching him the ropes.

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