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Cheyenne Grace

Unlike the Onaqui rescues, Cheyenne Grace’s story in the wild will likely never be known.  Because of her brand we know that she was once a member of the Swasey herd here in Utah and as of October 2021 is estimated to be 2 years old.  She was captured and removed from the range on July 24, 2020 then adopted to her first placement on September 8th, 2020.

She was then dropped off at the Delta, Utah Wild Horse and Burro facility in September 2021 after her owner could no longer care for her or the other pinto gelding they had adopted at the same time a year prior.

After her return she was temporarily housed with the two geldings in the back of the facility while the 300 Onaqui horses were readied for adoption.  Visitors of the facility had no idea she was there and she needed time to put on weight and recover because she was very, very thin and had no foot care whatsoever at her previous home.

As luck would have it, right before a week of closures at the facility the returned Swasey horses were placed in with the Onaqui making them now visible for those who came to visit the Onaqui. 

Cheyenne Grace stole the hearts of several volunteers in no time and as with all things in life that suddenly become certain, it became certain to Jen that this very skinny mare with half her mane chewed off but bright, shiny, loving eyes needed to be the final family member of wild horses adopted to live their best forever lives with Jen.

Cheyenne Grace was adopted the very second that the Delta holding facility opened once again for public visitation on October 18, 2021 and on October 20, 2021 she finally came to live in her forever home. 


Dreamcatcher was just that – an almost ethereal little curious, loving, patient and kind little colt that was absolutely loved and adored by the yearlings in his band.  He was born at the end of March 2021.  Red Bird took the role as Dreamcatcher’s lead care taker since his dam Marley had her hands full with now two babies – yearilng Little Star and new born Dreamcatcher.  Red Bird would groom him, stand guard over him while he slept, and so very gently teach him the beginning lessons of how to stand and play.

Even as a wee one, Dreamcatcher had such a kind, curious nature about him and a quiet confidence which allowed him to carefully expand his horizons further away from his mom than most to meet new horse friends and assess new humans that may show up.  While careful, he was never unreasonable about his level of caution and took on new experiences with relative ease.

We’ll never know what must have gone through his mind during the July 2021 roundup where at only a little over 4 months of age he was chased by a helicopter with the rest of his band, loaded into a stock trailer and then inadvertently separated from his mom, sister and all the other horses he knew.  How this precious little soul slipped through the cracks will never be known, but the second that the Onaqui release happened and Marley and Little Star appeared back on the range without Dreamcatcher alarm bells began sounding far and wide.

Although it was deemed unsafe by the BLM to return him to his mother and sister in the wild after 6 weeks separation in the holding pens, he has finally been reunited with one of the three amigos – Teton – who helped to guide him to being the wonderful little perfect horse he is today.

Dreamcatcher brings nothing but joy to anyone who’s fortunate enough to be in his presence and he will be able to live out the rest of his life with Jen, Teton and Cheyenne Grace.


Teton was born in the spring of 2020 into a band lead by the lovely grey stallion known as Goliath.  Teton, Red Bird and Little Star were the three baby mustang amigos of the Onaqui world and were never more than a few feet apart.  Little Star was born to mare Marley a tad later that spring, and Red Bird was the last to be born in early fall to a striking grey mare called Misty.

The three amigos were always such a joy to be around!  They were constantly trying to test boundaries with Little Star in the lead and Teton as her trusted backup.  And never to be left behind came Red Bird bringing up the tail end of the trio trying to be as brave as his two besties.   All three babies entered their gangly, fluffy teenage stage as winter began to envelop the west.  As spring brought with it warming temperatures and melting snow the babies began to shed their thick winter coats.

Months quickly passed and spring turned to summer all the while the three amigos grew and grew.  And as luck would have it Marley had become pregnant by a handsome, brawny roan stallion somewhere along the way and she gave birth to a little baby bay colt who would become known as Dreamcatcher.  The three amigos doted and fawned over the newest addition and while Red Bird stood guard while Dreamcatcher lay soundly sleeping under the summer sun, Teton began exploring further from home finding friends in nearby bands to practice his sparing, tussling and grooming.

Teton has lived up to his name turning into a mountain sized gelding, but despite his size he never lost his sweetness or gentle heart.  There was absolutely zero question when the news of his capture and transfer to the Delta facility became known that he would be adopted and brought home to join Jen’s expanding fur family and stay safe in the West Utah desert where he’d been born and raised a short distance away.


The following sanctuaries have graciously opened their arms to our horses and look forward to being able to use this page to detail the Onaqui horses they rescued and allow for people to follow their progress and directly support those kind hearts who now give them a safe place to call home.

More info coming soon.......


 Wild Heart Sanctuary, Park City Utah



 Dreamchasers PMU Rescue & Rehabilityation (GFAS Accredited), Falcon Missouri



 Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue, Langcaster California



 Engler Canyon Ranch, Colorado



 Mustang Journey, Cincinnati Ohio


 Sweetbeau Horses




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