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Cheyenne Grace

Unlike the Onaqui rescues, Cheyenne Grace’s story in the wild will likely never be known.  Because of her brand we know that she was once a member of the Swasey herd here in Utah and as of October 2021 is estimated to be 2 years old.  She was captured and removed from the range on July 24, 2020 then adopted to her first placement on September 8th, 2020.

She was then dropped off at the Delta, Utah Wild Horse and Burro facility in September 2021 after her owner could no longer care for her or the other pinto gelding they had adopted at the same time a year prior.

After her return she was temporarily housed with the two geldings in the back of the facility while the 300 Onaqui horses were readied for adoption.  Visitors of the facility had no idea she was there and she needed time to put on weight and recover because she was very, very thin and had no foot care whatsoever at her previous home.

As luck would have it, right before a week of closures at the facility the returned Swasey horses were placed in with the Onaqui making them now visible for those who came to visit the Onaqui. 

Cheyenne Grace stole the hearts of several volunteers in no time and as with all things in life that suddenly become certain, it became certain to Jen that this very skinny mare with half her mane chewed off but bright, shiny, loving eyes needed to be the final family member of wild horses adopted to live their best forever lives with Jen.

Cheyenne Grace was adopted the very second that the Delta holding facility opened once again for public visitation on October 18, 2021 and on October 20, 2021 she finally came to live in her forever home with Jen. The additional Onaqui horses being adopted will be brought home the second they're released for pick-up after the December adoption event and united with Cheyenne Grace.  Their story will also be shared on this page as soon as everything is finalized...

 Onaqui #1 TBA - Jen's adopted Onaqui from the December BLM Online Auction


 Onaqui #2 TBA - Jen's adopted Onaqui from the December BLM Online Auction


The Bureau of Land Management adoption event is scheduled for December 7 - 14th, 2021 and there will be a little over 300 Onaquil wild horses needing to be adopted and placed into sanctuaries or into the homes of private adopters.


The following sanctuaries have graciously opened their arms to our horses and look forward to being able to use this page to detail the Onaqui horses they rescued and allow for people to follow their progress and directly support those kind hearts who now give them a safe place to call home.

More info coming soon.......


 Wild Heart Sanctuary, Park City Utah



 Dreamchasers PMU Rescue & Rehabilityation (GFAS Accredited), Falcon Missouri



 Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue, Langcaster California



 Engler Canyon Ranch, Colorado



 Blue Hills Ranch, McGregor Texas



 Mustang Journey, Cincinnati Ohio


 Sweetbeau Horses




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